Taste All the Range of Japanese Food!

Hana elegant landed in Geelong CBD.

Hana Japanese restaurant serves an extensive and intensive introduction to authentic and
traditional Japanese cuisine. Our lunch menu is a quick, healthy and affordable option for
those working nearby, and you will delight your taste buds in the intimate private booths…
Date night, business lunch or casual family dinner, Hana’s warm and welcoming atmosphere
is great for every dining occasion.

Fresh Delicious Healthy is our target.

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Food as a Lifestyle

“If I were trapped in one city and had to eat one nation’s cuisine for the rest of my life, I would not mind eating Japanese. I adore Japanese food. I love it. “


3 Big Reasons to Visit Our Restaurant…


We have an endless feast of traditional Japanese lunches and dinners, with an abundant assortment of flavour combinations and ingredients, from sushi roll, gyoza, ramen and dim sum.


Besides cooking and serving a wide range of well-known Japanese dishes, we also focus on introducing the Westerners to all the range of meals that the versatile Japanese culture has produced over the centuries!

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Step inside Hana and experience a divinely peaceful, refined atmosphere that allows you to sit back and appreciate the complex simplicity of the fine dishes, which catapult you from Geelong to Japan.

Happy customers

Our customers always leave our restaurant in a better mood, so they always have some nice words to say about Tanaka, just listen:
As far as my personal experience with the Japanese cuisine goes, if I like the sushi rolls and the tofu, then the place rocks! Based on those criteria, this place rocks!
Erick Strombolds
posted on, TripAdvisor
While Japanese food is not my favorite, I never miss an opportunity to order the rolls that these guys cook here! In my office, they’ve become a real all-time favorite staple!
Mary Berrisome
posted on, foursquare