• Hakutsur umeshu genshu
    300 ml. Alc.(19.5%). Using kishu plums 100%, Japan's most famous variety, this plum wine has rich, full flavour that come only of an undiluted wine.
  • Plum Shokuhin Umeshu
    300 ml. Alc.(9%). Number one Ume Producing area in Japan. It is a drinkable size with a mellow taste and low alcohol. You can also enjoy the plum that is contained in the plum wine.
  • Suntory Horoyoi Cassis & Orange
    300 ml. Alc.(3%). Fruity taste of orange juice with moderate sweetness andsourness of cassis.
  • Hakushika Nigori Yuzu
    720ml. Alc (10.9%). Using Yuzu juice and Yuzu fruit rind. It is scentful and rich taste. Not using aroma chemical artificial colour acidunlant.
  • Umenishiki Umeshu
    720ml. Alc (15.3%). Powerful flavour of Japanese plum and mild taste by blending with Junmai Sake and Mirin
  • Suntory Horoyoi Peach
    350ml. Alc (3%). The characteristic refreshing sweetness of white peaches, as well as a gentle aroma.